For Long Goodbyes

1 07 2010

I originally wrote this blog post about two months ago and decided I would come back to fill in the details once I actually got around to leaving Columbia. I was shocked at how cheesy, pathetic and self-absorbed (I believe the words “minor celebrity” were used) it was.

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For Everything You’d Rather Be Doing

22 03 2010

As I was wheezing around the track the other day, “Run From the Gun” by my Chicago pals Ornery Little Darlings showed up on my shuffle. The Low-fi garage-rock song, in which Jason Ewers calls on you to “rest your weary eyes and feel the touch of a damn good high.” Vocalist Emmi Chen punctuates Ewers’ carnival-barking with the powerful wail of the weaker-willed: “It’s hard to run from the gun / When there’s work to be done.”

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For The Underrated Songwriter

18 03 2010

I woke up this morning to the news that Alex Chilton died from an apparent heart attack yesterday. Chilton was arguably one of the greatest songwriters of the past 30 years, but only a handful of people knew his name.

I’m leaving the memorials to the big shots who can do a better job than I. But here’s what Alex Chilton means to me.

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For An Anti-St. Patrick’s Day Party

17 03 2010

My friends in the Chicago orchestral-rock duo The Loneliest Monk are playing The Blue Fugue in Columbia, Mo. tonight. It’s graceful, theatrical, slightly spooky music, and about the opposite of everything St. Patrick’s Day has come to mean. Also, there will be masks involved.

Videos after the jump.

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For St. Patrick’s Day

16 03 2010

I hate St. Patrick’s Day.

As someone who is writing her thesis on Irish history, I’ve grown to hate it more over the past year or so. The idea that green-sporting, beer-slugging, slur-singing thugs can take it to the streets for one day and call themselves “Irish” is what sickens me. And what sickens me most of all is the total disregard for the most important element of Irish culture: music. Irish music, (or, should I say, “Irish” music) is something of a joke here, a polka played on the jukebox of a dingy bar as far-gone college kids imitate “Riverdance.”

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For Great Feats Of Stage Diving

14 03 2010

Florida pep-rockers Surfer Blood played a skimpy set at Mojo’s in Columbia, Mo. Friday night. The crowd was thick enough to warrant stage diving, which somehow appears more awesome when it happens in a smaller venue. Then they covered Weezer’s “The Sweater Song,” which none of the band are old enough to remember.

For A REAL Love Song

10 03 2010

When I first heard about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest show, I thought it was a joke. Why would I? What is so funny about a sequel to Lloyd Webber’s very ’80s hit The Phantom of the Opera that takes place 20 years later on…wait for it…Coney Island? What is so funny about its title, Love Never Dies? And what is so funny about this promotional video of  Katherine Jenkins singing the title song?

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